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Central Park South Dermatologist – Lawrence Jaeger

Larry Jaeger is one of the most respected Dermatologists practicing in New York City. He has a twenty-five year track record of providing successful dermatology treatments for patients suffering from a wide range of  skin, hair & nail diseases and disorders. As the founder and owner of Advanced Dermatology Associates, Dr. Larry Jaeger has grown the practice into the largest privately held network of Dermatology  treatment centers in NYC, over the last twenty-five years.

Dr. Lawrence Jaeger, MD is a Board Certified Dermatologist and the Medical Director of Advanced Dermatology Associates – forming one of the “largest private medical provider networks” in New York City. Dr. Lawrence Jaeger attended Rutgers University in New Brunswick, New Jersey where he graduated with honors and studied medicine in Missouri. Dr. Larry Jaeger completed his specialty training in the field of Dermatology and was named “Clinical Professor of Dermatology” & “Director of Dermatologic Surgery” as a resident physician at St. Barnabas Hospital. Dr. Jaeger was also appointed “Instructor of Dermatology” at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

Central Park South Dermatologist

Totaling over 100 years of combined healthcare experience, Dr. Jaeger and his medical providers at Advanced Dermatology Associates are proven leaders in the field of dermatology and are frequently visible on the national healthcare lecture-circuit. Whether through teaching or lecturing, his medical team is directly impacting the future of dermatology and skincare by making the most up-to-date medical techniques available to all industry peers. Dr. Jaeger has also become integral in developing a professional skincare line over the years – this prescriptive line is exclusively available through his medical practices and via online store at In 2015, the line’s products were chemically reformulated to cater to a more healthy and organic user – i.e. anti-aging & oxidant creams have been infused with uniquely organic elements such as caffeine, green tea polyphenols, herbal extracts and polypeptides. Originally available only to patients of Advanced Dermatology Associates, the successful line of skin care ointments, creams & scrubs is now widely available online.

“Here at Advanced Dermatology Associates, the patient truly comes first. It starts with having a medically trained and certified team who are passionate about caring for the needs of our community – and performing it with a superior level of respect and courtesy which everyone deserves. We take no shortcuts in doing the right thing for our patients. It’s because of that, we’ve been become the ‘leading Dermatology provider’ for over twenty-five years!”  states Dr. Lawrence Jaeger.

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Larry Jaeger continues to expand and update his practice with additional Physicians and Physician Assistants as well as new state-of-the art equipment, such as advanced centrifuges utilized in Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for Hair Rejuvenation Therapy. PRP has become a highly desired treatment for hair-loss disorders. Dr. Jaeger  – a member of Internal Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons provides this non-invasive, all natural procedure for his patients at Advanced Dermatology Associates.

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Dr. Jaeger & Advanced Dermatology Associate – Central Park South Dermatologist – Prescriptives product review.

For his continuous commitment to The Bronx communities, Dr. Jaeger and Advanced Dermatology Associates have created an annual scholarship  that is presented to two local Bronx High School Seniors who epitomize and demonstrate superior academic knowledge, leadership and community involvement.

Each year, the “Jaeger Award for Scholastic Achievement” will be presented at the awards and annual graduation ceremonies at Bronx Latin School (Ranked in Top 50 High Schools in NYC) and The Bronx High School of Science.

Dr. Larry Jaeger currently lives in Mamaroneck NY with his wife, Erika, and two sons.

Dr. Larry Jaeger is a member:  
American Osteopathic Association
American Osteopathic College of Dermatology  
American Medical Association  
American Phlebotomy Association  
Internal Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons

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